History of Carroll County Mental Health Advocates


        The mission of the Carroll County Mental Health Advocates (CMHA) is to be the missing link for indivduals and their families impacted by mental illness and addiction. In 2008, a group of concerned citizens came together under the leadership of Judge Betty Cason, Probate Court Judge at that time, to have a conversation about the ever growing mental health crisis that was happening in our county. This informal stakeholders meeting led tp the creation of what is now know as Carroll County Mental health Advocates.


        It was determined from that meeting that there was a "missing link" in the mental health treatment plan, and ADVOCATE. Having a trained advocate to work with the individual facing mental illness to understand the disease and the treatment, as well as, connecting them with other available resources is what we identifies as the missing link.



        Until 2018, CMHA acted as volunteer board with no paid staff. since that time, the organization has been governed by a nineteen member board, of which fifteen of those members are voting members. Presently CMHA is employed by one part-time, CMHA Director and one part-time Case Manage.

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